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Walking Dead Season 1 Sampler


I will attempt to do a samplet for all seasons of The Walking Dead. This sampler will be based on characters from the first season. Future samplers may be based on characters and or notable places from the series. The sampler will be $60 shipped and will include extra goodies. The sampler will ship mid October as it will be our Halloween sampler for this year 🎃


RICK: Sandalwood, clove, musk,hints of citrus
and clean air.
SHANE: Berries,sweet vanilla,cedar & musk.
LORI: Almond,syrup,vanilla,tonka bean & peach.
ANDREA: Peaches,lemon,tea leaves and a hint
of champagne.
DALE: Bergamot,lavender,kaffir lime,oakmoss
and white woods.
GLENN: Brown sugar,cocoa powder and
butterscotch bourbon.
CARL: Tart berries and sweet bubblegum.
DARYL: Patchouli,sandalwood and rich vanilla.
CAROL: Toffee, buttercream,bourbon and
tonka bean.
T-DOG: Sugared berries,buttercream and wafer
MORGAN: Citrus,woods and cedar.
MERLE: Rich tobacco, berries,bourbon and a
hint of musk.